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Since 2010 we have had countless trips with 100% success on every trip for the last 5 years around Contadora, our record speaks for itself.


Private Charters

Rick, your personal captain, speaks Francais, English and Español, is Coast Guard Certified and will be sure to make your day educational and fun!

Come spend a day with Whales and Dolphins during your vacation in Panama and allow us to make your whale watching dreams come true!

Join us on one of our boating tours around Panama's islands. We feature several different tours throughout the year!

Pequeño Paraiso offer you a spectacular opportunity to experience the inspiring beauty of the magnificent mammals of the sea. Come and enjoy a fantastic tour that will guarantee you, your family and/or friends will never forget.
Approximate Trip time: 5 - 5 1/2 hours.

For our Whale and Dolphin watching trips, we keep it simple and head straight for the sites. Because of our yacht speed we can offer you the most efficient Panama whale watching trip available. We will get you there fast to ensure the most viewing time, however, if you prefer, we can slow to trowling speed and possibly give you the opportunity to catch some tropical fish on the way!

The Gulf of Panama is host to Humpback whales, shark whales and dolphins. A light lunch with snacks and beverages will be provided.

You board the boat downtown Panama City and head out around Taboga island searching for whales.  Naturally there are never any guarantees when looking for wildlife, however, it is very likely you will see whales, dolphins, and some sea turtles. 

We spend time as much time as possible with the Whales & Dolphins around the island, and then we stop for for lunch and afterwards we take time to soak and refresh in the ocean before we head back to Panama city.


Visit Taboga and or Contadora Islands on our safe 30 foot twin 200HP engines yacht.

Are you interested in Swiming or Snorkling around a shallow wreck, you can do just that, or check out Isla Uraba one of the islands where you are likely spot some Dolphins generally seen all year round, you may spot Sea Turtles and Humpback Whales (when in season) or just simply enjoy a boat ride to one of the Pearl Islands. The possibilities are endless!

TabogaTaboga is volcanic in origin with a perimeter of about 8 miles. The population of Taboga Island is approximately 1000 people. This island was a favorite vacation site of many Panamanian governors, as well as pirates.
Taboga is one of the world's largest refuges to the brown pelican where each year one half of the world's population come to nest on Taboga and Uraba Islands.

Day Tour Prices Taboga:  

2 people   175.00/each
3 people   150.00/each
4 people   125.00/each
5 people    115.00/each
6 to 8 people 100.00/each


Isla Contadora

Contadora Island lies at the northern end of the Pearl Islands. Contadora is known for its beautiful beaches and great sunny weather. During the rainy season it only rains for a few hours late in the day or in the evening and you can be sure to enjoy the sun for the rest of the day!

The Pearl islands have been home to two episodes of the popular CBS television series "Survivor". Contadora island is situated approximately 40 miles from Panama city, we can get you there in one hour in the comfort of our 30' Scarab. The Island has numerous private homes of Panama's most wealthy families. While there are cars on the island, transportation is mostly limited to golf carts and bicycles which can be rented.

Contadora Contadora's 11 beaches are all public, including one nude beach and all have white sand. The water is mostly turquoise with many types of tropical fish. For a truly private beach we can drop you off in one of the nearby uninhabited islands for your enjoyment.

The waters surrounding Contadora Island are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Scuba diving, is also a possiblility.


Day Tours:

Day tours run from 8:00am to 4:30pm depending on tides for launch. We start from Panama City heading to Contadora, Bartolome or Pacheca. On the way we troll a fishing line.

We will stop in areas with great snorkeling and beautiful beaches. We also provide you with masks of different sizes and snorkels.

Humpback WhaleWe stop for lunch on one of the islands, but lunch is not included. We provide complimentory water sodas and beer.

After lunch, we will head to Chapera or Mogo Mogo, where they shot the TV series Survivor for some more snorkeling or a stroll on a beautiful white sandy beach.

The return to Panama is around 4pm according to tides.

Day Tour Prices Contadora: 

2 people   300.00/each
3 people   225.00/each
4 people   200.00/each
5 people   170.00/each
6 to 8 people 150.00/each
9 people $140.00
10 people $130.00






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