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Choosing the perfect location for a Panama B and B was something the host's considered carefully. The location had to have easy access to the city, but the surroundings had to reflect the beauty of what Panama  is really all about; its nature and beautiful landscapes! This is why Las Cumbres was the "perfect" location!

Pequeño Paraiso B&B is in a suburben part of Panama city, an upscale, safe, very private sector, and one of the few areas of Panama City where one can enjoy all the ameneties, without having to deal with the negative aspects of a large Metropolis.

The B&B is located off the main road called the "Transismica" leading directly into the heart of the city. We are conveniently located near both airports and only 15-20 minutes away from either one.We are roughly 9 miles from Panama City (15 minutes on the auto-route) in one direction, and about 30 minutes driving time in the opposite direction to Colon the "FREE ZONE."

Las Cumbres is 350 feet above sea level, has stunning mountain views, cooler temperatures, and a natural rainforest in its midst. Many prominent Panamanians and foreign businessmen alike have made Las Cumbres their home. Its gorgeous lake views, and lush tropical surroundings only enhance its allure.

Within the area of Las Cumbres one can find full-scale grocery stores, Take-out restaurants and a few outdoor Bar and Grill restaurants that offer authentic Panamanian food.

But of course, if you would like to spend a quiet relaxed evening at "home", find out what the Chef is preparing for dinner at Pequeño Paraiso! You have the option and convenience of ordering reasonably priced home-cooked meals, prepared fresh just for you right on site!


Basically you head West from the airport on Via Tocumen.
Turn North towards Colon on what is called Transismica.

Turn right on the first street after the Avalon Hotel, you are then 30 seconds from the B&B.

Upon reserving, we will send you more detailed instructions.



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